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The company "Yandex" entered the recovery in November 2002. In summer 2003, the Board of Directors decided to pay dividends, the first in the Russian Internet. In summer 2006, the week-long turnover of placing contextual advertising Yandeks.Direkt exceeded 1 million dollars. According to the results in 2006 revenue and net profit of the company rose more than half - 72.6 million dollars and 29.9 million dollars respectively. All accounting Yandex since 2000 audiruetsya company Deloitte & Touche.

The main office is located in Moscow. In 2005, Ukrainian representation Yandex opened in Odessa, in 2006 - an office in St. Petersburg, and in 2007 - in Yekaterinburg and Kiev. Each year the number of staff Yandex doubled, and now in the company employs more than a thousand employees. Yandex is constantly looking for new specialists in various fields. There is a fellowship program for students, conducted lectures and seminars. In 2007, Yandex School organized a data analysis, in which classes are free.

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