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The responsibilities of a modern sommelier are today seen as going far beyond merely serving wines. As well as a complete knowledge of this field, and an indispensable gift for human relationships, he/she must also display a considerable understanding of purchase and stocks management. A good sommelier is today also associated with the marketing of the business.


While knowledge of wines and spirits can be acquired in specialist schools (such as Onology Institutes) and the foundations of the trade in specialist institutions (hostelry schools, etc), there is no other means of acquiring the necessary experience other than informally throughout one's career. This situation makes obvious the need for continuous training in the real sense of the word, which would consolidate scattered personal experiences by means of a rational approach.


The Association de la Sommellerie Internationale (ASI) has set itself the task of constructing this necessary continuous training programme, which in the form of courses, books and regularly updated training material - available on this web site - will supply the framework for the continuous updating of information indispensable in a profession which must constantly adapt to the ceaseless evolution in techniques and tastes.


ASI, which was founded in June 1969 in France with the aim of developing and promoting the Sommelier profession, organises the International Competition for the World's Best Sommelier that takes place every three years in a different member country.


Today ASI has 41 member countries, and is an active participant in the development, organisation and recognition of the sommelier profession, training and competitions are its main activities.




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